Initiative eDocumentation

Creating a foundation for paperless trade

Fully digitalising the container shipping industry will require all shipping documentation to be implemented in electronic format. Achieving this will enable paperless trade, which will benefit all parties involved in a transaction. Customers will see a significantly improved experience; regulators – and especially customs authorities – will benefit from improved targeting; container carriers will become more efficient; and vendors will be able to sell their solutions to a broader range of industry participants.

Through our eDocumentation initiative, 胜博发娱乐老虎机 is standardising the language and definitions of all shipping documentation to enable digitalisation and facilitate acceptance of eDocuments by regulators, banks and insurers. This initiative will provide open source standards for necessary legal terms and conditions, as well as definitions and terminology to facilitate communication among customers, container carriers, regulators, financial institutions and other industry stakeholders. Any stakeholder that has implemented 胜博发娱乐老虎机 eDocumentation standards can be involved in a transaction.