Read the seventh edition of our quarterly publication about standardisation for container shipping.


随着疫苗接种的加快, it is a relief to see the threat from COVID diminish from last quarter to this. Travelling to meet industry stakeholders face to face is our hope for the fall, as driving digital transformation through collaboration is all about making connections with the people involved.

To fulfill our vision of a digitally advanced and interoperable container shipping industry, 我们在2021年第二季度采取了一些关键步骤. 如你所知,我们在2020年12月发布了提单数据和流程标准. 为了实现数字化,我们在第二季度发布了提单接口标准. 而提单仅仅是个开始, we will continue to standardise and digitalise other documents in the shipping process to greatly simplify international trade.

本季度,我们还宣布启动胜博发娱乐老虎机采用者计划, a free programme allowing every organisation that has adopted a 胜博发娱乐老虎机 standard to publicly demonstrate their adoption. 更重要的是, it enables customers of container shipping looking for 标准-based solutions to incorporate 胜博发娱乐老虎机 self-certification checklists (SCCs) into their procurement process.

与我们! 如果你报名参加,就很容易做到 成为胜博发娱乐老虎机参考用户. 推动变革需要所有行业参与者的投入.


Standardising digital documentation improves international trade and fraud control


在几家监管机构主办的全球航运圆桌会议上, 非政府组织和协会¹, 我们听到了一些关于非法野生动物贸易(IWT)的非常令人震惊的统计数字。.

  • 以美元计IWT是4th 最大的跨国有组织犯罪
  • 每年IWT和森林犯罪的收入超过2000亿美元
  • Environmental crime is growing at 7% a year, 3 times the pace of the global economy
  • 6,000 species were seized between 1999 and 2018 by traffickers from 150 countries
  • 而集装箱运输则是国际海运的主要方式, 只有不到2%的集装箱被海关检查

Criminals are able to evade detection because it’s extremely difficult for customs and law enforcement to target them using manual, 纸质流程. T在这里 were examples of import and export documents listing different wood types for the same container. 这对海关来说应该是个危险信号, 但它很容易被忽略,因为数据不是标准化的, 整个供应链的数字化和交换. 在圆桌会议, 我们在胜博发娱乐老虎机的工作, such as standardising the electronic bill of lading (eBL) and striving for digital interoperability, was discussed as the foundation needed for the industry to leverage technology such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for fighting these horrific crimes.

带有API定义的胜博发娱乐老虎机 eBL接口标准

In Q2 we released interface 标准 for the submission of shipping instructions and B/L issuance, 包括API定义. These 标准 will enable shippers to process a standardised eBL from all carriers that have implemented the 标准. Carrier customers looking for a standardised approach to eBL from multiple carriers can include these 标准 as requirements in their procurement process.

点击 在这里 下载及阅读胜博发娱乐老虎机提单标准文件. 去 SwaggerHub 访问胜博发娱乐老虎机 eBL API定义,并且(很快) Github 一个参考实现来快速设置它.


2019年只有0.01%的提单是通过电子方式发出的. 支持更快地采用eBL, we are collaborating with numerous parties that have a big stake in the shipping “paper trail”, 包括国际商会, 斯威夫特, BIMCO, 菲亚塔和显卡&I.

9月,我们将与 IATA支持他们的黑客马拉松 by asking the community to help “solve the digital identity challenge for container shipping”. T在这里 will be a prize and bragging rights, so get ready to take on the challenge!


6月, 胜博发娱乐老虎机 launched its free 采用er Programme to let solution and service providers publicly demonstrate their adoption of 胜博发娱乐老虎机 标准 using the 胜博发娱乐老虎机 Self-certification Checklist (SCC). The programme will also enable customers of container shipping as well as other industry stakeholders to streamline vendor selection when seeking 标准-based, 可互操作的解决方案.

Evidence of 胜博发娱乐老虎机 标准 adoption can be provided in a standard format (the 胜博发娱乐老虎机 SCC) when issuing RFIs, rfp和投标请求. 反过来, responding vendors will be able to provide pre-filled documents along with the outputs of 胜博发娱乐老虎机 API tools demonstrating their adopter status.

Learn more about the programme by downloading the 胜博发娱乐老虎机 采用er Programme Handbook 在这里 the101.rpgwithme.com/adopt. The SCC for 胜博发娱乐老虎机 Standards can also be freely downloaded from the respective 标准 pages on the 胜博发娱乐老虎机 web site.

Vision of a better digital future for container shipping – a conversation among a carrier, 托运人和胜博发娱乐老虎机

Digital transformation brings unique opportunities and complications for each part of the container shipping supply chain and digital 标准 need to balance the needs of all.

以360度全方位观察这个重要而迷人的主题, we invited journalist Robert Taylor to chair a panel discussion between a shipper, 承运人和胜博发娱乐老虎机. 在这一系列的讨论摘录中, 罗伯特采访安德烈·西姆哈, 谁是全球首席数字官 & MSC的信息官和胜博发娱乐老虎机的主席. 提供托运人的观点, he hears from International Maritime Hall of Fame member and shipping executive Rick Gabrielson who previously led international transportation for major brands like Target and Lowe’s. 胜博发娱乐老虎机首席执行官托马斯·巴吉也加入了他们的行列.



In July we released interface 标准 with API definitions for the first 18 timestamps defined in our JIT port call data definitions. 的标准, which are currently being tested by carriers and terminal operators at two ports, 开启运营商之间的自动数据交换, 港口和码头的四个主要事件涉及任何港口的呼叫:

    1. 泊位计划到来
    2. 飞行员登船地点(PBP)到达计划
    3. PBP和泊位到达执行和开始货物操作
    4. 货物完成和港口出发计划
    5. 泊位出发执行

这是胜博发娱乐老虎机 JIT港口呼叫计划的第二次发布, 哪一个最终将包含超过50个事件时间戳, providing a complete framework for all activities involved in the four main port call events.

Track & 跟踪标准v2.1
根据运营商的反馈和他们推出我们的赛道的经验 & 跟踪 standard to customers, we will release a new version of the standard in August, version 2.1、对术语和属性进行关键更新. 接口标准, API规范和参考实现也将更新, 随附所有文件, 例如胜博发娱乐老虎机行业蓝图和信息模型.

所有正在使用胜博发娱乐老虎机 T的人&T标准或准备采用标准应切换到v2.当它可用的时候. 请继续关注我们的发布公告.


¹毒品和犯罪问题办公室(联合国毒品和犯罪问题办公室), 容器控制规划, LEAP(毒品和犯罪问题办公室和世界海关组织), 交通, 环境调查署, 菲亚塔, 世界自然基金会和野生动物联合会